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The Event Managers Forum (EMF) is a special interest group of the Institute of Fundraising (IOF), dedicated to the art of charity event fundraising. Our members are an informal group of charity employees directly involved in fundraising through various types of events and the committee is run by charity event fundraisers in their spare time. In addition to our lively forum we also meet six times a year to discuss a topic of interest, hear from key speakers within the sector and network with colleagues from other charities and important suppliers. The minutes and presentations from these meetings are available on our website.

Why not join the Forum and experience the benefit of instant contact with like-minded people working towards the same goals. Individual membership is just £10 per annum which covers the costs of meeting expenses and development of the group. IOF members will receive a 10% discount when registering. To find out how to become an IOF member click here.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at info@the-emf.org.uk



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The Event Managers’ Forum is a special interest group of the Institute of Fundraising
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